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Wedding & Event Planning Certificate

EPIC presents a different and exclusive way of teaching party planning and management. We provide event professionals an intensive, honest and authentic experience to learn and develop their planning, design and production skills alongside sound business development.

EPIC courses offer the only hands-on education programme developed and hosted by successful, experienced and international luxury event planning professionals. We offer practical training, expert advice and valuable insights to excel in the competitive events environment - and whether you are seeking to enhance or develop a full service event company, or boutique wedding and party brand. If you want to run a more competent, profitable events business, with a robust pricing structure and effective processes EPIC is for you!

Our International Wedding & Event Planning Certificate course has been developed to stand as the global benchmark of excellence for event planning professionals of the future. Each and every facet of producing social and corporate events is touched upon, and demonstrated authentically and honestly with real life examples. Attendance is limited to a small group to enhance the experience and offer one-to-one opportunities both within the course framework and socially.

Our intensive residential course comprises four modules covering: Event Planning & Management, Working with Event Professionals, Best Business Practice, PR, Marketing, Branding and Social Media. Clear and specific objectives are set for each module. Practical sessions include role play and also cover a variety of topics including: pitching to clients, presenting digital design concepts, managing expectations, client and supplier liaison, pricing your service, promoting your business, and navigating challenging situations and clients.

EPIC members are recognised internationally for quantifiable and excellent standards of service, quality and delivery. The EPIC marque, awarded to those who successfully complete the course,  is not an ineffectual ‘pay and display’ event qualification;  there are clear and quantifiable objectives to achieve, as well as ongoing goals and support as you develop your career and business - whether that be your own business, or as you progress within an organization.

Events experience is a prerequisite and selection is strictly via interview (which can be conducted via video call). Priority will be given to applicants already running their own businesses, or working within an events environment.

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Participants from 16 countries have taken part in first two EPIC Certificate courses in London. Here's 's what they have had to say:

Joining EPIC was one of my best professional decisions. I would do it again. Anytime.
— Nadine Metgenberg, Fine Weddings, Germany | #EPICLondon2016

EPIC was truly epic! So much wisdom and passion shared that it did not just inspire me to take the next step but leap entire staircases. It was a wonderful, intense but fun week I will never forget - nor the friendships that we all made.
— Beatrice Betley, The Expat Weddingplanner, Netherlands | #EPICLondon2016

Attending EPIC was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as it’s a complete game changer. Not only did I get to learn from people who are the best in the industry, but the connection and bond formed with my fellow attendees has been life changing. Highly recommended for those who want to transform their business and take it to the next level.
— Jolene Teh, YEP Enterprise. London | #EPICLondon2018

Next Course

Our next EPIC course is 27th - 31st October 2018 in London. Contact us to request the  e-brochure. and application form.